Monday, 26 March 2012

Filofax Tour: Personal Finsbury

This is my first post - hello! I am a seventeen year old student with an unhealthy addiction to everything filofax! I thought I would kick start this blog with a tour of my first Filofax - a pink Personal Finsbury!

So we start off with the front! I have had this Filofax for over two years now and it is really starting to show! Some of the colour has worn out around the popper and the edges are creased, discoloured and the leather has rubbed off. I think it's from rather carelessly flinging my Filo into my school bag on early morning rushes. I am also getting a little tired of the pink.

Here is the inside. I have my school time table in the front underneath the plastic sleeve. I do not use the card holders as I don't trust myself to take cards and etc to school. However, I keep sheets, vouchers and anything loose in the tuck in folder at the front. In this picture I actually have a newspaper cutting of 2 for 1 vouchers at Thorpe Park - woohoo!

Below is a picture of a typical week in my Filofax. I originally used the week on two pages but I found this far to small to fit in details of coursework, homework and appointments so I decided to resize to the week on four pages (two days a page). I love this layout, it is big enough for me to plan everything in one space. I also love how on the last page of the week there is a whole box just for "notes". I usually put down everything I need to do this week in that space. I also love sticky notes and use them all the time as page markers and to fill in extra bits of information.

This is my diary section - in here I keep all sorts of random things that I need to keep record of. Nothing very interesting, just coursework charts, revision charts etc!

Again, this isn't too interesting. In the notes section I keep notes of any longer pieces of information I need to store which is too big for my normal diary.

The famous To-do list section! Why is nothing filled in? Because I am feeling a bit lazy at the moment ;-)

I printed this template from It is an insert which keeps track of fuel consumption. I have found this sooo useful, as I like to keep track on how much I am putting into my car and how often it needs filling so I can predict it!

In the zippie inside pocket I keep my page markers.

All in all I adore this Filofax, and in general I swear by Filofaxes! I am convinced without mine I would not have done half as well as I did in all my exams. But, sadly, I have ordered a new Filofax.... This tatty pink Finsbury has done me well but I think it is time to move on! Stay tuned for my announcement on which Filofax I have ordered!


  1. Hello. It`s probably just typo, but it`s Finsbury not Finchley.

  2. hi there, and good to meet you! If you want to meet more Filofax enthusiasts, pop over to (if you haven't already!) and say hello.....we're a friendly bunch and always discussing/generating new ideas for Filofax use.

    Good luck with your school're doing the right thing by trying to be organised!


  3. It's such a pretty color, but I get that way too after seeing someone day after day. Change is fun!


  4. You're making me want a pink personal filofax (:

  5. Cool post, thanks for sharing the info! I wanna get my college son a Filofax for Christmas. You raised some interesting points to consider.