Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Youtube Account

Please check out my Youtube account - not only am I into filofaxes, I also love to sing :)
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Review: Chameleon

A little over a week ago my new Filofax Chameleon arrived! I am currently saving it for uni, although I thought I would do a review on it for anyone thinking of going from Personal to A5 size.

Firstly, the leather is so soft and it smells so good! I ordered mine in "red" and it came in the most beautiful deep colour. I love the size - for university and school where lots of detailed notes need to be kept it is perfect. Perhaps too big to for anyone who wants to use it as an everyday carry-around.

I got mine for £45 which I think was brilliant, considering I paid £69 for my Personal Finsbury.

I love the jotter pad at the end - will come in really handy.

Overall I love this Filofax and I can't wait to get my hands on it when term starts in October!